Biologique Recherche
Biologique Recherche
Biologique Recherche’s methodology is based on over forty years of experience using innovative products and meticulous protocols to personalize treatments to each Skin Instant©.
Suitable for both men and women, the methodology encompasses three fundamental stages:
Stage 1: Assessment Stage
An expert from Biologique Recherche will start by undertaking a detailed diagnosis of your skin. Using a questionnaire, each individual’s Skin Instant© is defined. This assessment then enables the beautician to recommend a personalized beauty treatment.
Stage 2: Initialization Stage
The treatment protocol begins by preparing your epidermis, which acts as a shield protecting you from external aggressions, in readiness to receive the benefits of your treatment. The rigorous ritual of this stage includes:
Thorough cleansing of your skin, including a facial massage
Exfoliation of your skin with our iconic Lotion P50, followed by a face mask
Stage 3: Treatment Stage
Products containing the highest concentrations of active ingredients are applied to “re-condition” the epidermis and help activate both its regenerative properties and stimulate auto-regeneration:
A tailor-made cocktail of Quintessential Serums is applied by the Biologique Recherche expert.
The treatment and finishing stage that fixes and optimizes the beauty treatment’s efficacy through the use of botanical and marine biological active ingredients, creams and finishing serums to suit your skin type and its needs.
These active ingredients work progressively to improve your skin’s elasticity, tightening and defining your face’s natural contours.
The Biologique Recherche products we use in our beauty treatments all fulfil very specific criterias:
  • 1
    Hight Quality
    Formulas are high in active ingredients and made with fragrance-free natural or biotechnological ingredients
  • 2
    Good Support
    To improve the synergistic absorption of active ingredients, the beautician complements manual stimulation with the use of our Remodeling Face© machine to produce exceptional instant results that seem almost magical
An in-depth skin diagnosis is a key part of the Biologique Recherche protocol, so we can personalize your beauty treatment according to your Skin Instant© by using a specific physiological, behavioral and tactile approach.

The Skin Instant© Lab consists of five sensors (measuring hydration, trans-epidermal water loss, elasticity, pigmentation and sebum levels) linked to a computer with an exclusive
diagnostic analysis software program developed by Biologique Recherche. Based on our expert’s dermo-cosmetic analysis and objective measurements, the Skin Instant© Lab, retrieves data from our knowledge bank to come up with a selection of products and treatments perfectly matched to your Skin Instant© needs.
35 - Dur. 20 Mins
Treatments are tailored to the needs of your Skin Instant© by one of our expert beauticians. The longer your beauty treatment is, different specific techniques can be added for better results on your skin.
135 - Dur. 60 Mins | 180 - Dur. 90 Mins | 240 - Dur. 120 Mins
Module Booster
The booster step is the culmination of the salon initialization stage. These very technical products are combined with extremely targeted techniques to obtain immediately visible results.

As their exfoliation vary, the booster must be chosen depending on the Skin Instant© and the targeted benefits.
Sun Care Treatment
For all skin.
A treatment to protect or repair the skin from damage effects of the sun. Suitable for all Skin Instants®, it will guard your skin from UVA and UVB light and soothe, repair and nourish the skin after sun exposure.
Revitalizing Treatment - Soin Booster VIP O2
For brighter skin.
A treatment to detoxify and stimulate the epidermis, re-oxygenate skin tissue, for dull Skin Instants© asphyxiated by city pollution. Your complexion is incredibly revitalized, skin is more luminous and radiant.
Moisturizing Treatment - Soin Restructurant et Lissant
For replumped skin.
A reconditioning treatment for the epidermis with an immediate replumping effect, designed for all Skin Instants©. It has a draining action, leaving the skin of your face, neck and cleavage smoothed and toned.
Soin MC110
For minimizing wrinkles.
A treatment that reduces wrinkles and fine lines, designed for
lackluster Skin Instants©. It leaves the skin on your face, neck
and cleavage toned and redefined.
Firming Treatment Lift C.V.S.
For firmer and more toned skin.
An exfoliating and lifting treatment combined with shaping techniques, designed for mature Skin Instants®. It leaves your skin smooth refined and toned.
To complete your facial, we offer additional modules (30 mins) to target specific skincare needs, using exclusive products.
Module Co-Facteurs
An intensive custom treatment

For even more visible results, enhance your treatment with the application of a mask pre-infused with active ingredients, which moulds itself to the shape of your face for an individualized intensive treatment.
Module Eye contour©
Specific treatment for Skin Isntant tired and puffiness

Immediately reduce signs of fatigue and age around the eye area. It Reduces puffiness below and above the eyes, smooth and lift fine lines and wrinkles from dehydration. The treatment Strengthens the firmness and tone of the eye area and lighten dark circles for a luminous look. It provide a feeling of freshness and lightness
Exclusive treatments.
Soin Seconde Peau
A world first in professional aesthetic care, this regenerating and lifting treatment features an electrospun mask with 80% pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid and is designed for altered Skin Instants©. We recommend 3 sessions at 1-week intervals, followed by one session every three months.
300 - Dur. 60 Mins | 800 - 3 x Dur. 60 Mins
Pre- and Post-Operative Treatments
If you have had, or are planning, a cosmetic procedure, we offer specific targeted treatments to prepare or soothe your
skin, ensuring the best possible results and speeding up the skin regeneration process.

Please let our staff know the details of your procedure when
you make your appointment.
With Biologique Recherche’s Privilege Pass you enjoy 6 face treatments of 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Your beauty consultant will carry out a preliminary body diagnosis to help you choose the right treatments for you.
675 - 6 Sessions x Dur. 60 Mins | 900 - 6 Sessions x Dur. 90 Mins
Biologique Recherche also applies its expertise in facial treatments and its personalized approach to the body. We offer a full-body diagnosis, including a questionnaire, visual examination of your epidermis.
35 - Dur. 20 Mins
Our treatments are tailored to your exact needs by one of our expert beauticians. The longer your beauty treatment is, the more specific techniques can be added for better results on your skin.
100 - Dur. 45 Mins | 135 - Dur. 60 Mins | 180 - 90 Mins
Soin P50 Peau Neuve
For smoother, more hydrated skin.

An exfoliating and regenerating treatment. It leaves your skin softer, more even and hydrated. A draining treatment that produces a slimmer shape and improves the appearance of cellulite.

Jetlag treatment
To feel lighter after long trip.

A treatment with a draining and decongesting action. It stimulates circulation and helps legs to feel lighter.
Body Lift Treatment
For a toned and sculpted body

A firming and toning treatment that leaves you with a refined
skin texture and resculpted body.
Detoxifying with Algae
To detoxify your body.

A purifying and detoxifying treatment. It helps eliminate toxins and improves micro-circulation.

Bespoke Treatment

To feel more comfortable in your skin.

A treatment that begins with deep massage of the stomach and body, guaranteed to restore your balance.
With Biologique Recherche’s Privilege Pass you enjoy 6 body treatments of 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Your beauty consultant will carry out a preliminary body diagnosis to help you choose the right treatments for you.
675 - 6 Sessions x Dur. 60 Mins | 900 - 6 Sessions x Dur. 90 Mins
Firming Week: (4 days)
A specific package to detoxify, firm and sculpt your body.

Day 1: Detoxifying with Algae treatment
Day 2: Body Lift Treatment
Day 4: Detoxifying with Algae treatment
Day 5: Body Lift treatment

Relaxing Week
To rejuvenate and relax your body and mind.

Day 1: Jet lag treatment
Day 2: Facial treatment following your Skin Instant
Day 3: Bespoke massage stretch modul
Day 4: Facial treatment following your Skin Instant
Day 5: Bespoke massage neck modul

Regenerating Week
A specific package to firm, lift and plump your skin.

4 facial treatments days focus on anti ageing, firming, and plumping.
Revitalizing Week
To rejuvenate your body and have brighter and luminous skin.

Day 1: Jet Lag treatment
Day 2: Booster VIP O2 Treatment with eye contour modul
Day 3: Bespoke massage
We welcome you to experience Biologique Recherche treatments at the below Myoka locations.